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Organic Salmon 250g

0.25 kg

Norwegian Salmon

This salmon grows in the most remote northern regions of arctic Norway where currents move steadily creating a natural life for the Organic Atlantic Salmon. The fjords of Norway are formed when a glacier retreats after carving its typical U-shaped valley, and the sea fills the resulting valley floor. This forms a narrow, steep sided inlet (sometimes deeper than 1300 metres) connected to the sea. The terminal moraine pushed down the valley by the glacier is left underwater at the fjord's entrance. The waters in the fjords are crystal clear and constantly in osmosis with the Northern Arctic Seas.

what makes THIS FISH seafood special?

High Quality, Ethical Suppliers

THIS FISH products are supplied by ethical suppliers with strict quality control procedures and a continuous dedication towards sustainable production. Our suppliers strive to always deliver fresh and healthy products with optimal nutritional values. This requires full traceability and focus on the quality and food safety of their products and raw materials. In order to provide quality Seafood year round, our suppliers uphold strict quality control and focus on sustainability, fish welfare and environmental concerns.


The overexploitation of wild fish has recently brought on a surge in the domestication of marine species. The natural supply from the sea just isn’t keeping up with demand these days. So, we turn to farming the waters, rather than hunting them, to sustain the production of fish and other aquatic organisms. Aquaculture is a lot like agriculture. Agriculturists carefully select areas with rich soils and favourable weather conditions for farms. On the same token, aquaculturists find aquatic sites with the right temperature, salinity and fertility where organisms can flourish which can be a challenge for aquaculturists. The aim in organic aquaculture is to manage natural resources in such a way that harmful effects on the environment are minimised or avoided altogether. The system is based mainly on local and renewable resources. The aim of organic aquaculture is to obtain a positive interaction with the surroundings.


Our seafood products are grown in the the clean, remote, natural environments. Our salmon and trout products are sustainably farmed in remote Artic seas – surging, clear, fresh and clean – as close to raw nature as you can get. The fast flowing clear ocean water, not only maintains a clean seabed, but also allows a natural habitat for salmon and trout to swim against the tide, developing the strongest and healthiest fish. Our Tiger Prawns are grown in the clean and southern most mangrove areas of Vietnam. The mangroves trap the nutrients from the daily tidal changes in which the prawns grow eating a natural diet. Sustainable, ecological and organic prawn farming is also important for the protection of mangrove forests. With a maximum of 2–4 prawns being allowed per square meter, they eat a natural diet of what the mangrove swamp provides.


The sustainability and responsible production of supreme quality seafood is at the core of THIS FISH. Particular attention is paid to the environment surrounding our suppliers farm sites and strict quality control procedures that are designed to protect both the product and the environment are adhered to. Consequently, the most stringent fish welfare regimes and the most rigorous environmental control schemes have been adopted.